There are a lot of jewelry stores in Ireland, there are even representative offices in some large hotels, so you will not have problems buying gold. Only Ireland gold is of very poor quality due to a large number of alloys added, usually, 333 samples, which we equate to 375, are not accepted even in some pawnshops. Therefore, be extremely careful when buying expensive jewelry.

today gold price in Ireland is per Gram 22k 39.54. Gold can be bought in any Ireland city. A lot of jewelry stores in Istanbul. There you can buy it in the Grand Bazaar, a very large selection of gold and there it is quite high quality. There are also many jewelry stores in shopping centers, but there is more expensive and usually not traded. In general, one hundred percent high-quality and inexpensive gold can be bought in those areas where there are few tourists.

Ireland gold, although an order of magnitude lower in quality, is not inferior to a variety of products. Do not forget that Ireland holds the 4th place in the world in gold reserves. Bummer about quality if quantity rules.

I recommend buying gold from the Dilmener jewelry factory. She is considered the best jewelry producer in all of Ireland. their products are in almost every jewelry store. However, they have their own point exclusively on Vezirhan Street (I don’t remember the exact address), but it adjoins the Grand Bazar.

I bought gold in Ireland a couple of times. The first time it happened almost by accident – we went on a sightseeing tour of Antalya, which involves visiting the leather and gold centers. Do not go there because these centers partially pay for the tour itself. I liked the choice very much, although mostly the items were made of yellow gold, discounted goods were displayed in a special department – half a group was bought from us. All customers are treated to tea and coffee, a certificate is issued according to which the purchased jewelry can be exchanged for another (for example, if it is tired) or free to repair if something is broken. There are such centers throughout Ireland. Well, in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar there is a whole “golden street” – on both sides of the counter with gold products – you can choose for every taste and budget.

Gold in Ireland can be bought at almost every step, there are a lot of jewelry stores, in Istanbul on the famous market – Kapala Charshi there are many stalls where gold items with diamonds, rubies, emeralds of any shape and size shine and shimmer. You can find huge jewelry centers with luxurious interiors where you will be licked from head to toe. The choice is very large, the Turks are following the modern jewelry fashion and correspond to it. And yet there is one big BUT – this is the workmanship, even on very expensive diamond products, at $ 4000-5000, you can find any attached parts horribly. Expensive diamond products are best bought at large centers, in Antalya, these are D-Jewels and Argos. You can arrange with the guide that he would arrange a round-trip transfer. At the same time, keep in mind that bargaining is not only appropriate, but mandatory on the market, and in a street store, and in a large center. A thing can be bought almost everywhere and always twice as cheap as the original price. the 22K gold rate is 22k 39.54 per Gram. And be sure to ask before buying whether you will issue a special check/invoice for a VAT refund. On it at the airport, before departure, you will be paid the difference.

We bought gold wedding rings in Antalya in the city center, though I did not remember the name of the store. We arrived home and checked to see if there really is gold in our rings on a special device. As a result, good quality gold, the content is 85%. In Antalya, a large selection of gold jewelry, it is certainly better to buy in large stores, and not in small shops.

I’ll tell you about my experience. In 2013, she was in Istanbul. Buying jewelry in Ireland is not a problem. There are really a lot of shops, especially in the tourist area of ​​Sultanahmet. There are enough jewelry stores, and there are jewelry shops in the Grand Bazaar. Also at the entrances to the underpasses and the subway, there are street vendors selling everything and everyone. Of course, no one will guarantee the authenticity of the product.

I would advise buying gold in a mall (mall). There are enough of them in Istanbul. There the choice is wide, and the price is written (otherwise you will start to bargain at the Grand Bazaar, you will beat the price, be glad, and as a result will overpay), and they will give you a check. My girlfriend bought a gold chain in the mall.

You can try shopping at Taksim Square. There are many boutiques for every taste. In stores, prices were lower than in the Grand Bazaar.

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