Password Depot 14 32/64 Bit Download Torrent

Password Depot 14

Password Depot 14 32/64 Bit Download Torrent

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Passvord Depot is a powerful and very simple password management tool that helps you manage all your passwords, as well as information such as a credit card or software license. The software provides protection for your passwords in three ways: secure your passwords securely, provide secure access to information and help with secure passwords. However, Passvord Depot is not only about security: it is also easy to use, highly customizable, with considerable flexibility to interact with other devices and, finally, extremely significant functionality. From now on, you only need to remember one password, the password you use to open the password store. Your password is better protected against external access through dual AES encryption (Rijndael 256).

You cannot simply save your password locally on a USB device, mobile phone, network or FTP server. Depot Server allows you to manage password files online for use in a group.

Convenient access:

* User interface. The password interface is similar to Windows Explorer. This allows you to navigate effectively in your password lists and quickly find the passwords you are looking for.

* Autocomplete. Passvord Depot automatically completes your password information for websites that open in standard browsers if you wish. This function works, on the one hand, in internal regulation and, on the other hand, in the so-called one. Through browser add-ons.

Flexible interaction:

* Server module. Passvord Depot has a separate server model that allows several users to use the same passwords at the same time. Password files can be accessed through a local network or the Internet.

* Pen drive. You can also copy the password and controller password files to the USB memory. This way, you can take your files and software wherever you go, always keeping them ready to use.

* Devices in the cloud. Passvord Depots support online services such as GoogleDrive, Microsoft SkiDrive and Dropbok. In this way, Passvord Depot allows you to enter the cloud quickly and easily.

* Web passwords. You can save the encrypted password file on the Internet. This way you can use passwords wherever you are! You can use HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or SFTP to access this protocol

* TAN support. Passvord Depot supports the entry and management of TAN. In this way, it simplifies the life of all users who invoke an online banking service and securely stores their reasonable banking information.

* Site URL. When you enter URL in the password store, you can replace any number of characters with reserved places with an asterisk (*). This symbol allows you to associate multiple URLs with the same password information instead of having to enter an entry for each URL

Password Depot 14

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