Health Insurance Offered

Health insurance companies Indonesia offer a variety of options for health insurance buyers. They offer a wide range of products that cater to every segment of the market. It is a good idea to sift through all of these offerings and find one that will suit your needs and your budget. With the many Asuransi-kesehatanku plans and packages being offered, you will surely be able to find one.

What you need to understand are the basic types of health insurance available. Health insurance companies Indonesia try to design health insurance products that are offshoots of these basic types. There may be slight modifications, additional benefits and other nuances but the core principles should be similar.

o Private medical insurance provide coverage for consultations, tests, and operations. With this coverage, you do not need to wait in line as with NHS health plans, and you can choose where and when you will get treatment. You also have the benefits of a private room and other amenities.

o Critical illness insurance plan covers patients diagnosed with a severe illness. The health insurance company Indonesia pays for a tax-free lump sum which can be used by the patient for any purpose.

o Income protection insurance provides benefits to those incapacitated by an illness. The health insurance company Indonesia will pay a percentage of your gross income if you are unable to return to work because of an illness.

o Health trust fund is an alternative to the traditional health insurance plan. It has lower cost, no excess payments and no automatic premium increases.

o Cash plans are low cost health plans that provide cash to cover medical expenses such as dental, optical or nursing.

o Ex-pat insurance is for those Indonesia residents who are working or living abroad for extended periods. The health insurance company provides health care coverage while ex-pats are on an international assignment or living in another country.

o Travel insurance is provided to those who are going on short trips or extended stays. Health insurance companies Indonesia shoulder the cost of your medical treatments, if you suffer an illness, while on holiday.

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